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SPCA Night Market: Treasure Hunting by Night

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The Kloof SPCA has established a venue that holds appeal for everyone. With its beautiful grounds at the top of Field’s Hill, the tea garden, the children’s playground, the shops, and the country village atmosphere, it’s a joy to visit with anyone from great granny to the youngest toddler. The jewel in the crown of the SPCA’s many special events is the last Friday of the month Night Market, when the place is lit up with twinkling lights, and the pleasure of foraging for treasure takes on a special lustre.

It’s a mixed crowd that make their way down the narrow winding road and up again to the nest of trading posts, gardens, and walkways on a winter’s evening. As an adventure for kids, it is hard to beat, with a newly established bicycle track, a large playground that offers slides, swings, and climbing apparatus, and the thrill of exploring the bush tracks by torch light for the older ones. For family groups who want an outing and a yummy supper, it’s dress up warm and sit in the gracious gardens under lamp light with a variety of foods available from the refreshment tent. For stroll arounders, a bag of popcorn or a totally outrageous brownie does the trick. 

Bargain and treasure hunters are the ones who derive the most fun and pleasure from the SPCA village. The kick of feeling the softness of a real silk scarf, or a mohair jacket among the overflowing boxes in the Fine Feathers department, is hard to beat. Squeals of delight as both young and older women hit on exactly what they were looking for – a vintage frock, a linen suit, an Italian belt, a sparkly top, a straw hat, a satin evening gown or a tulle skirt, are all there for the finding. Enter Aladdin’s Cave and finger the range of jewellery, marcasite brooches, vintage or even antique glass bead necklaces, mother of pearl or spiny oyster bracelets, bone and wooden adornments, and an astonishing array of earrings – all at such reasonable prices! There’s loads of plastic stuff as well for those looking to costume a school play or dress up for a themed party night.  

I love fiddling with the fabrics at Tots and Teens, where everything is available for the home crafter at rock bottom prices. Old patterns, knitting needles, buttons galore, wool, and braids are all waiting for loving new owners. Be prepared to take a little time when you go through the linen stock in the next stall; I have found a down sleeping bag, real linen curtain drops, a foam wedge, and a circular tablecloth at just one awesome session!

Keeping the mood high and cheerful is the Music Shack where rock ‘n roll music pumps out. Here, DVD’s and CD’s are for the choosing, and there is a special market for old records, with some really serious searching going on. There’s also a section with used music apparatus; all of it tested. For grannies trailing a bunch of kids there is nowhere sweeter than the Toy Shop, where puzzles and board games go for as little as R20, and a bag of mixed goodies can keep the littlies busy for hours. Lego, puppets, dollies, porcelain dolls, push chairs, soft toys of every size and description… look and you will find!

It’s worth popping into the bric a brac stall, which is large and stuffed to the rafters. Whether you need a coffee maker, a set of wine glasses, a lampshade or a spatula, you are sure to find something to take home. The famous book store, with all books categorised and in alphabetical order for easy searching, is a must for bibliophiles and if the pocket is a little small, then go for the R5 bargain books in the tent.

It’s thirsty work bargain hunting, and the Night Market closes at 8 pm, so once you’ve got your assortment of treasures, it’s time for a coffee and a quick wander round the Antique Shop, where feasting the eyes on Venetian glassware, delicate statuettes, fluted crystal glasses, and carved wooden bowls is a must.  

There’s nothing sweeter than returning home from a serious scratch in the bountiful bargain heaven that is Kloof SPCA. And good to know that you are supporting a really good cause with every cent spent!


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