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SPCA Night Market: Treasure Hunting by Night

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The Kloof SPCA has established a venue that holds appeal for everyone. With its beautiful grounds at the top of Field’s Hill, the tea garden, the children’s playground, the shops, and the country village atmosphere, it’s a joy to visit with anyone from great granny to the youngest toddler. The jewel in the crown of the SPCA’s many special events is the last Friday of the month Night Market, when the place is lit up with twinkling lights, and the pleasure of foraging for treasure takes on a special lustre.

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EdgarsUNiTE Orange Day Campaign

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The Edgars Unite Orange Day initiative, launched on November 25th 2015 at the retailer’s Headquarters in Edgardale, has come full circle. The programme, a partnership between Edgars, the UN, the Gauteng Departments of Social Welfare and Community Safety and the National and Gauteng Fashion Councils, was aimed at empowering abused women currently living in shelters around the province. The programme was launched at the start of 2015 with the 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children. The seminal project’s aim was to empower abused women through skills development in fashion design. On Wednesday, May 25, the 45 women from five shelters will exhibit their work to the public for the first time.

Through support and generosity of this, Edcon’s employees helped raise R18,000 in support of the Edgars UNiTE Orange initiative from the sale of Orange merchandise. These funds were matched by CSI and used to purchase fabric, trims and accessories for the women’s design challenge. Additionally, the Gauteng Department of Social Development, together with the UN Women SA Multi-Country Office, SA Fashion Council and Gauteng Fashion Council, have made significant contributions both financial and non-financial, as partners in the Edgars UNiTE Orange Day Campaign.  

Elelwane Pahlana, General Manager, Transformation at Edcon said: “For most of these women it has been a journey of self-discovery as they were thrown into the deep end. We at Edcon were equally apprehensive and excited at what this pilot programme will reveal”. Pahlana added, “Having seen what the women have produced, I cannot wait for the 25th May for the Fashion Industry to see what this six-month programme managed to achieve with the women, some of whom could hardly use a sewing machine at the start”. Sandy Rogers from Edgars said: “It has been an incredible experience to see how most of the women have transformed during the project, from being nervous to confidence levels that surprised everyone. It is a testament that with the right attitude, anything is possible.”

The event on the 25th of May will be a pleasant surprise for many hardened fashion professionals when they see what will be on display. Edcon, South Africa’s leading non‐food retailer, continues to support initiatives aimed at empowering communities, especially women, with its partnership with the United Nations with the Orange Day Campaign. The Event is part of the United Nations Secretary  General’s   campaign  “UNiTE to  End  Violence  Against  Women” it invites people  to turn  the world  orange in  support of  all women who have been victims of violence.  Edgar’s campaign, dubbed Edgars UNiTE, is in its second year. The Edgars UNiTE campaign is an event that those in the fashion industry cannot afford to miss. History has been made.

Take Up the Challenge This World Food Day

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Highlighting the plight of the 923-million undernourished people in the world, World Food Day, which takes place on 16 October every year, is aimed at heightening public awareness around the world’s food problems, such as food prices continuing to soar and welfare organisations feeling the pinch, with many foodstuffs becoming grossly unaffordable

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