Green Kitchen Report: Snacking in style in Durban

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Café snacking is a pastime enjoyed by those with disposable income and gaps in their day to meet and chat or simply refuel. Durban provides a really fine array of cafés that cater to the sandwich and coffee brigade, but if you are in the running for a fresh juice and a seasonal salad, your tastes will be met. Here are a few ideas for spots where you can be sure you will enjoy your snack

Arts Café

166 Bulwer Road ph 031 2019969

A change of management at the KZNSA’s Art Café, a popular endroit for Durban’s arty types to hang out, has seen a positive change in menu and also in service. The beautiful award-winning building, with its large outdoor area, and indoor space up the wide steps if the weather is inclement, continues to be a special spot where you can stroll around the gallery free of charge or watch your kids play on the jungle gym. The menu offers relatively light meals and I enjoyed the toasted ciabatta bun with basil pesto, cheese and tomato, which came with both a well dressed small side salad and some yummy home-made potato wedges, with their skins still on. My cappuccino was not piping hot, but I like to scald my lips on the first sip. There was a buzz of smart conversation and nice light African jazz playing; we were well looked after by our waitress.  Bit pricey, but…

Continental Bakery

109 Matthews Meyiwa Road 031 3097773

I’d been eyeing Continental Bakery’s new premises since it moved from Overport to the corner of Matthew Meyiwa Road  and looking for an excuse to see what they have to offer. Picking up a picnic lunch for the ravenous grandkids seemed a good reason to stop. While the kids ‘oohed’ and ‘aaahed’ over the colourful Diwali fare, piled high in glass cases, glittering with silver leaf and saturated in sugary delight, I went over to the wood-fired pizza oven and ordered three vegetable pizzas at a reasonable R20 each. The baked dough was quite soft and slightly sweet, there wasn’t much cheese, but lots of red and green pepper; but they were super fresh and very attractive. I was immediately attended to by the chef at the pizza oven and our piping hot pizzas were handed to us in sturdy cardboard boxes. The bakery, deli and restaurant are often packed and remembering their delicious homemade pies and incredible coffee I plan a longer, more thorough investigation.

Glenwood Bakery

398 Esther Robertson Road 072 6146081

Meeting a friend at the Glenwood Bakery for a light lunch at 11.30am reminded me that this is a popular breakfast venue as the sweet waitress went through the list of what was no longer available. I had a stunning orange juice, with ice as an option, which I appreciated.  I get very miffed with cafés that pile in the ice and thereby reduce the amount of juice. This was honest to goodness OJ, and I had to force myself to sip and not gulp, so well did it want to go down. We ordered the only thing left for vegetarians, a cheese ciabatta toast with basil leaves and roasted Italian tomatoes. These came oozing mozzarella and genuine cheddar and somewhat saturated in butter; the crusts were super crispy, which I liked, but noticed my friend rejected. We took a walk in the drizzle afterwards, enjoying the quiet roads, the green patches of park and the overwhelming smell of jasmine that splurged over a white washed suburban wall. Ah Durban!  



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