Green Kitchen Report: Mugg & Bean, Suncoast

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Taking three ravenous grandchildren out for a snack means looking for the best bite for the buck! No delicate nibbles will keep the growlies away, so the trick is to locate a deal that’s going to leave them looking smug and satisfied, perhaps with the odd milky moustache around the mouth. We had been doing the roller skate, skateboard, and roller blade thing on the golden mile, and the kids were flushed and beginning to look skinny. Mugg & Bean at Suncoast was the perfect pit stop.

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Green Kitchen Report: Hole in the Wall

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Taking a trio of grandkids out for lunch on a rainy Saturday afternoon ended up being an adventure of note. I had often driven past the sign on Kasier Road in Assagay advertising wood fired pizza and smoothies, and thought it was about time I stopped and gave it a try. We bailed out of the car and found the pizza oven fire burning brightly, and a warm welcome from the owner, Marcus. Situated right next to Assagay Nursery, Hole in the Wall is mostly a take away, but there are a few al fresco tables for those who choose to enjoy their pizzas right there.

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Wild Green Kitchen Report: Indian Connection

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I adore Indian cuisine, especially as there is such a wide range of classical dishes on offer for vegetarians. Durban has Indian eateries in abundance, each with their own special take on the country’s different styles of food. Although it has been around for a while, I had not yet visited The Indian Connection on Lilian Ngoyi Road and was keen to try some of my favourite dishes. It turned out to be a mixed experience ……

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Wild Green Kitchen Report: Chilliplum - Vegan

Wild Green Kitchen Report: Chilliplum - Vegan - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

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A restaurant which caters exclusively for vegans is rare in Durban; although the concept of veganism is popular with eco-conscious folk, the reality of adopting a diet that does not include any animal products is daunting, even for lacto vegetarians, who are more than half way there. Chilliplum, in The Village, Richdon’s Centre, in Hillcrest, is pure vegan territory and it ticks a number of other planet-friendly boxes for good measure

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