• 2015 Marks the Fastest Climb to $1 Billion for United Pictures International

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    Universal Pictures International (UPI) announced that the studio would reach $1-billion in international box office grosses by close of business on Wednesday 8 April 2015.  This accomplishment marks the earliest in its history that Universal has reached that milestone, besting a previous record that was set on 31 May 2013.  This is the ninth consecutive year that Universal has crossed $1-billion internationally

  • Detroit: Gut-wrenching and powerful

    Katherine Bigelow’s rendition of the 1967 police brutality in Detroit is a gut-wrenchingly powerful film which should cause even the hardest of hearts to question the actions and superior attitudes of the perpetrators. As a director, Katherine takes the viewer into the heart of the city where racism is rife and the innocent are presumed to be guilty.