• Confluence: A Homecoming of Note for Steve Dyer


    The value of defining an art form, in this case jazz, lies in the fact that the words convey something of the experience the art form offers. Because art is always evolving, definitions are developed attempting to capture the exact experience. Definitions are created by a variety of participants; some created by the musicians themselves, others by informed listeners and academics, others by lay listeners and enthusiasts.  Sometimes writing about an artistic experience requires going beyond the usual means at the writer’s disposal: Steve Dyers’ performance was, in many way, beyond words

  • Female Vocalists Around SA are Invited to #ExperienceTheSoil

    The Soil, South Africa’s most loved acapella band, has announced the impending absence of their only female vocalist Buhle Mda. As a result, the group is now in search of a female vocalist who will join The Soil as of March 2016. The search is open to all female vocalists who believe they have what it takes to be a part of the cheeky yet confidently urban band.

  • Imbokodo Jazz Festival celebrates South African Women


    Young musicians at the Imbokodo Jazz Festival on 12 August at the Durban Port Authority's N-Shed, are set to ensure that there are items which will appeal to younger audience members, in addition to the award-winning line-up. Such is the selection of jazz talent that it will cater to both jazz purists and those who enjoy contemporary jazz. The event is being hosted by the iTheku Regional Jazz Association (iTReJA) which is an affiliate of the South African Jazz Appreciators Association (SAJAA) - the originator of the concept of a jazz festival dedicated to South African women

  • Natalie Rungan gets Up Close and Personal


    Singer Natalie Rungan is enjoying a great phase in her career as a singer. With a solid jazz education behind her, the capacity to write original songs and an interesting approach to contemporary pop standards, her show ‘Up Close and Personal’ gives her listeners a rich and varied evening of musical entertainment. Backed by her husband Bruce Baker on drums and Mark Royeppen on keyboard, the trio format ensures that she is the focus of attention, both visually and aurally

  • Tony Cox packs food for the soul with ‘Padkos’

    Tony Cox Padkos 

    Tony Cox likes to keeps things casual and friendly. He strolls on stage in comfortable chinos, slops and black T, and greets everyone with a “howzit!” His signature locks are long, white and freshly washed and he keeps a little bush of a goatee.  His eyes have the look of a man who has walked onto too many stages to remember, but his forehead is smooth and broad and a secret smile plays on his lips. He sits firmly on the moulded plastic chair, picks up his guitar, shifts into playing position and begins. If you close your eyes you would swear there were at least three guitarists on that stage….

  • Watershed Are Back with New Album and Agency


    Following lead singer Craig Hinds and his fellow bandmates working with new representation, South African favourites Watershed release a brand new album 'Watch the Rain' on 30th September 2015 through Coleske Artists and the new single, 'Magical Energy' is already receiving massive airplay on national radio.