• Celebrate Jazz Durban-style this weekend


    Join Jazz appreciators all over the world as we celebrate International Jazz Day the Durban way! CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY TODAY & TOMORROW (Sat 29 & Sun 30 Apr) (Source pic: 2017 INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY EVENT MAP http://www.jazzday.com)

  • Confluence: A Homecoming of Note for Steve Dyer


    The value of defining an art form, in this case jazz, lies in the fact that the words convey something of the experience the art form offers. Because art is always evolving, definitions are developed attempting to capture the exact experience. Definitions are created by a variety of participants; some created by the musicians themselves, others by informed listeners and academics, others by lay listeners and enthusiasts.  Sometimes writing about an artistic experience requires going beyond the usual means at the writer’s disposal: Steve Dyers’ performance was, in many way, beyond words

  • Imbokodo Jazz Festival celebrates South African Women


    Young musicians at the Imbokodo Jazz Festival on 12 August at the Durban Port Authority's N-Shed, are set to ensure that there are items which will appeal to younger audience members, in addition to the award-winning line-up. Such is the selection of jazz talent that it will cater to both jazz purists and those who enjoy contemporary jazz. The event is being hosted by the iTheku Regional Jazz Association (iTReJA) which is an affiliate of the South African Jazz Appreciators Association (SAJAA) - the originator of the concept of a jazz festival dedicated to South African women

  • JazzEye: Evocative African sounds - Pops Mohammed and Dave Reynolds


    It’s been a while since award-winning seasoned heritage muso Pops Mohamed performed in Durban; so it was great to welcome him back to this side of the continent. He brought his box of indie music tricks, his sonorous voice and his catchy melodies. Dave Reynolds brought a few guitars, his steel pans, some shakers and some new material. Bass player Sylvain Baloubera brought Congolese flair, warm vibes and hot bass lines. Together they performed at the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music to a crowd that braved the rain to listen to the music. 

  • JazzEye: The Mike Rossi Project: Trespassing Permitted


    A flock of fine musicians flew into Durban last week week under the combined banners of Concerts SA, SAMRO Foundation and Connect ZA. The group was headed up by well loved multi-instrumentalist Mike Rossi, who spent a year in UKZN’s Jazz Department about a decade ago. His energy, expertise and enthusiasm as a jazz educator have not been forgotten. Nor have his performances, as the UKZN Centre for Jazz was packed so tight there was hardly room to breathe. The concert, which ran to well over an hour-and-a-half, was a celebration of Rossi as composer and performer