• Children’s theatre festival at Durban’s Catalina Theatre

    Ntswaki's adventure as performed by Joe West and Mlu Ngigi pic: Gisele Turner


    Catalina Theatre (Wilson's Wharf) launched Durban’s very first festival of children’s plays earlier this week with a number of productions by local theatre practitioners geared to entertaining the kids during the holidays.  The Durban Children’s Theatre Festival offers theatre –giving audiences a wide variety of shows, enhancing the holiday mood with boat rides, meals and free popcorn as part of the package

  • Green Kitchen Report: Have a party at Julio’s on the Bay

    Julio's Portuguese Restaurant at Wilson's Wharf

    Wilson’s Wharf is one of the prettiest places to hang out and watch reflections, boats, tugs, clouds, cormorants and jumping fish. At sunset, the whole place glows and twinkles, and during the day the place is awash with the blues and turquoises of the east coast. But, where to eat if you are not a fan of franchise restaurants and your sensitive soul can’t cope with the stuff they dish up at Zack’s? Head to the little strip with the Portuguese flag and the name Julio’s! You won’t regret it!

  • Green Kitchen Report: Sprigs provides a table of plenty

     Sprigs Kloof

    SPRIGS  in Kloof  (an outlying suburb of Durban) has a well deserved reputation for well presented wholesome food, flavoured with innovative dressings and sauces. Their ‘help yourself’ table is ninety percent vegetarian, and the many years that they have been in business have done nothing to diminish the quality of their food or their presentation (Source of pic: gypsytales.wordpress.com)

  • JazzEye by Gisele: The 28th Jazz Jol – Superlative!


    The annual ‘Jazz Jol’ at UKZN’s busy Centre for Jazz and Popular Music is an event that covers a whole lot of ground. It marks the end of another year of musical tuition as students move through their courses;  it celebrates a year of fabulous weekly jazz events which feature musicians from all over the world in addition to our top local musos; and,  it is a fundraiser for the Ronnie Madonsela Fund, which supports students who require financial assistance for their tertiary tuition in the field of music. Some of the country’s finest and most talented jazz musicians have benefitted from this fund – a validation of the importance of contributing to the development of our jazz scene at grassroots level

  • JAZZEYE: Sa-Roy provides Malagasy Magic


    The first time I heard Sa-Roy was at the Francofete this year; they were billed with a cross-over collaboration programme run by the ever active and supportive Robert Trunz as part of the Forest Jam Series. Three lean young men, dressed in their Malagasy traditional attire, stepped onto the grass and sang their first song a capella; a melting sound of three perfectly matched voices. Then the dance: a light and rapid high-stepping on the spot matched with elegant arm movements and quivering fingers. I was smitten.(PIC: SA-Roy Source Google Images)

  • Musho! 2016 Review: No Swearing

    Carvin H Goldstone’s stand up comedy show No Swearing marked a new event in the Musho! line up. While light and comic performances have always balanced out the programme, 2016 was the first time that a stand up comedian took to the stage. Carvin, who, since performing this show for the first time some years ago, has written many more and travelled internationally with his brand of humour, has established himself as the thinking man’s comedian