• Africa Day at Caversham Mill: Pure Gold

    Africa Day 2014 at Caversham Mill 

    Africa Day 2014 at Caversham Mill in KZN Pics: Gisele Turner

    The air was smokey-blue, the leaves falling gold and red. The lawn was green and formed a perfect natural amphitheatre – an unforgettable setting for an afternoon of extreme musical pleasure. Owners of well loved Caversham Mill Restaurant hosted one of African’s iconic performers, Zimbabwean Olive Mtukudizi, along with our home grown Shabalala Rhythms and maskandi artist David Jenkins. It was pure gold …..

  • Green Kitchen Report: Circus Circus Beach Café

    Circus Circus Beach Cafe Durban

    On a beautiful winter solstice day, we wandered into Circus Circus, one of the few restaurants on the wide walkway that looks out onto Durban’s beach and the ocean. The place was pretty busy, and all the outside tables were taken. We were seated immediately, and our inside table still yielded a stunning view of an azure horizon and super-white waves breaking on the sun-kissed sands

  • Green Kitchen Report: Hole in the Wall


    Taking a trio of grandkids out for lunch on a rainy Saturday afternoon ended up being an adventure of note. I had often driven past the sign on Kasier Road in Assagay advertising wood fired pizza and smoothies, and thought it was about time I stopped and gave it a try. We bailed out of the car and found the pizza oven fire burning brightly, and a warm welcome from the owner, Marcus. Situated right next to Assagay Nursery, Hole in the Wall is mostly a take away, but there are a few al fresco tables for those who choose to enjoy their pizzas right there.

  • Green Kitchen Report: Mugg & Bean, Suncoast

    Taking three ravenous grandchildren out for a snack means looking for the best bite for the buck! No delicate nibbles will keep the growlies away, so the trick is to locate a deal that’s going to leave them looking smug and satisfied, perhaps with the odd milky moustache around the mouth. We had been doing the roller skate, skateboard, and roller blade thing on the golden mile, and the kids were flushed and beginning to look skinny. Mugg & Bean at Suncoast was the perfect pit stop.

  • Musho! 2016 Review: A Beautiful Wreckage

    A mini musical is a first for the Musho! stage but certainly not a first for one of the creators of the show, Grant Jacobs, who has enjoyed much success in the past on this platform. In this ambitious new multimedia piece, directed by Caitlin Kilburn, Grant is joined by Liam McDermott and together they unpack the personal experiences of young men caught in a society in trauma

  • Musho! 2016 Review: El Blanco

    The extraordinary piece de resistance which is El Blanco came to the 2016 Musho! Festival with a fistful of prestigious awards. Many who came had seen it before and could not wait to see it again, for some it was an exciting and adventurous first time. El Blanco is one of those rare, rare combinations; an outstanding script equally matched by an outstanding performer

  • Musho! 2016 Review: Leave it to me

    The 11th Musho! Festival opened at the Catalina Theatre on Wednesday (13 January 2016) with a play from Holland written and performed by Saskia Driessen, titled 'Leave it to Me'. This production is the creative vehicle for a poignant and powerful personal process; an opportunity to examine, analyze and understand the key events in her life. Saskia’s father is a solder, working in dangerous war-torn regions as a peace keeper, and the ongoing separation and anxiety have had a deep reaching effect on the emotional life of his daughter

  • Musho! 2016 Review: Sweetie Darling

    'Sweetie Darling' is the latest one man show to flow from the creative pen of writer Clinton Marius and it had its premier at Musho! 2016. Performed with heart and soul by Bongani Mbatha, this tragi-comic love story, with all its ups and downs, held the audience enthralled. The combination of Marius’ gift for telling an engaging story and Mbatha’s gift for sincere characterisation make 'Sweetie Darling' a winner

  • Musical Revue: The Chain featuring The Reals


    Fleetwood Mac. A phenomenal  band that has enjoyed well-deserved and extraordinary success over decades, having written some of the most important blues and rock hits in the global song book. Starting off as a straight blues band, they graduated to a fusion rock band with signature musical originality, great lyrics, hot harmonies and great versatility. The idea to mount a show around their music by the Reals, Durban’s premier show band, has paid off. The first two seasons of ‘The Chain’ were sold out and bookings are already pouring in for the extra shows planned at the Rhumbelow Theatre (Umbilo, Durban) for Sunday 11 December and the weekend 16 - 18 December

  • Review Educational Theatre: Once Upon a Time, Greek Theatre

    Rare and Fair


    The Alliance Francaise of Durban is the heart of cultural activities with a francophone twist, hosting music, films, poetry, events and theatre on a regular basis. A play about Greek Theatre geared to learners is in itself an unusual occasion and the image on the poster was enticingly interesting. But nothing prepared me for the richness of the theatrical experience offered by consummate actress Sylvie Esperance….

  • SPCA Night Market: Treasure Hunting by Night

    The Kloof SPCA has established a venue that holds appeal for everyone. With its beautiful grounds at the top of Field’s Hill, the tea garden, the children’s playground, the shops, and the country village atmosphere, it’s a joy to visit with anyone from great granny to the youngest toddler. The jewel in the crown of the SPCA’s many special events is the last Friday of the month Night Market, when the place is lit up with twinkling lights, and the pleasure of foraging for treasure takes on a special lustre.

  • Stand Up Comedy Review: What to Expect When You've Expected


    Breaking new ground with her own stand up show about the trials and tribulations of motherhood is well loved multi-talented performer Daisy Spencer. Better known for her vibey and innovative choreography, as well as her ability as singer and actress, Daisy has taken a bold step onto a new area of endeavour in 'What to Expect when You’ve Expected'

  • Tartuffe: Large as Life and Twice as Natural


    Sylvaine Strike’s touring production of Moliere’s ‘Tartuffe’ touched down in Durban for a short run and played at the DUT’s Courtyard Theatre. It impressed with its energy, vibrancy and a semi-nouveau mix of theatrical styles and genres. A comedy of manners, exposing the hypocrisy of the church, the original play, written in rhyming couplets, was banned by the church at the time. Its exposure of false piety, corruption and the manipulation of the gullible remains relevant and applicable(PIC: Craig Morris & Neil McCarthy Photo by Dee-Ann Kaaijk)

  • Wild Green Kitchen Report: Chilliplum - Vegan

    A restaurant which caters exclusively for vegans is rare in Durban; although the concept of veganism is popular with eco-conscious folk, the reality of adopting a diet that does not include any animal products is daunting, even for lacto vegetarians, who are more than half way there. Chilliplum, in The Village, Richdon’s Centre, in Hillcrest, is pure vegan territory and it ticks a number of other planet-friendly boxes for good measure

  • Wild Green Kitchen Report: Indian Connection

    I adore Indian cuisine, especially as there is such a wide range of classical dishes on offer for vegetarians. Durban has Indian eateries in abundance, each with their own special take on the country’s different styles of food. Although it has been around for a while, I had not yet visited The Indian Connection on Lilian Ngoyi Road and was keen to try some of my favourite dishes. It turned out to be a mixed experience ……