A select group of 24 poets from South Africa and around the world will gather together for a week showcasing the face of present day spoken word and storytelling at the 19th Poetry Africa Festival, which takes place in Durban from 12 - 17 October 2015

  • Family panto review: Aladdin – polished perfection


    The multi-award winning Kickstart team is not resting on its laurels. Each year, they give their audiences a magical theatre experience with all the bells and whistles, setting an exceptional standard and delivering on all fronts. The hushed eagerness with which moms, littlies, grannies and even dads await the rise of the curtain is tangible and from that time to the final curtain call, it’s pure sparkle and shine all the way! 

  • GPSA Musical Review: Snoopy!!! - the Musical


    Somewhere under the rainbow a dog relaxes on top of his kennel dreaming of fame and fortune, bright lights and heroics. He is surrounded by a bunch of kids, their personalities as varied as the rainbow spectrum, their obsessions, complexes and joys innocent of censure. As the curtain rises on Snoopy!!!, the musical based on the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, there’s the thrill of knowing that a well-constructed script, rich with jazz-imbued songs and intelligent lyrics, is being handled by Durban’s award winning KickstArt team. What to do but sit back and enjoy?

  • Into the Woods: An Impeccable KickstArt production


    If you go into the woods today….you will be taken on a full scale adventure where the folk tales of your childhood will be beautifully and tunefully mangled. All the beloved characters that people the stuff of day dreams and nightmares come alive in the glades and dells and shadows of the woods, and, led by their unfulfilled desires, they learn the price of wanting. Every thought expresses a desire, every desire leads to an action and every action has its consequence. The stern moral lessons hidden in the stuff of fantasy and magic are taught, and, for many, the outcome is death. Skilfully plaiting the strands of several story lines as old as the hills into a contemporary folk tale, Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods offers a journey well worth taking…..



    Kickstart’s production of David Wood’s dramatisation of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach opens a rare and exciting treasure trove of magical theatre for children. Exploring a huge range of theatrical techniques, Greg King’s meticulously envisioned and materialised production keeps youngsters riveted with enchanting scenes packed with surprises to delight the senses  (Photos by Val Adamson (from left): Belinda Henwood as evil Aunt Sponge; Bryan Hiles as James & Clare Mortimer as evil Aunt Spiker)

  • JOMBA! 2014 – A witness to beauty and power


    The Centre for Creative Arts 16th Jomba! Festival started at UKZN’s Sneddon Theatre (Howard College Campus, Durban) with a memorable and profound experience. Not only did we listen to festival instigator and artistic director Lliane Loots say what is on every one’s mind regarding the paucity of funding for artists and specifically for dance companies, but we experienced, with mind-numbing clarity, the way in which art serves us as human beings. The exquisite performance of 'Beautiful Us' and 'Dominion' from Joburg-based Vuyani Dance Theatre reminded us that when contemporary dance is at its best it is truly a universal language that speaks to the heart.

  • KickstArt Productions 2016

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  • KickstArt's 'Sweeney Todd': A Dark Triumph

    KickstArt Sweeney Todd 

    Sweeney Todd (Jason Ralph) realizes the true identity of the beggar woman (Katy Moore) whom he has just murdered

    A super-moon rose over the eastern seaboard, a shower of meteorites fell in the heavens and an extraordinary event took place in Durban’s Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre: Sweeney Todd, a triumph of technical and artistic skill, realised by our premiere theatre company KickstArt. This fascinatingly gruesome Victorian melodrama unfolded like a dark flower, petal by bloody petal, and swept us all on the tide of its rampant energies

  • KickstArt’s Winnie the Pooh: Old Fashioned Magic

    Winnie the Pooh

    The beloved characters of AA Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories have delighted and amused children for generations. The cuddly toys that make up the menagerie of young Christopher Robin continue to enchant and captivate and the stories have lost none of their lustre in the telling and retelling. Disneyfied, the characters of Pooh Bear, his friends Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga and little Roo revert to stage magic in Kickstart’s current production of ‘Winnie the Pooh’ at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre (UKZN, Howard College Campus, Durban)

  • Poetry Africa brings 2014 brings insight and inspiration to Durban

     Poetry Africa 2014

    The opening of Poetry Africa at Durban’s Sneddon Theatre (UKZN, Howard College Campus) was an evening of insight and inspiration, with a panorama of 20 poets offering their hearts and souls to the wordy cause. There is something about a gathering of wordsmiths that makes the air electric and refines all the sensibilities, making the ear acute and the tongue wishful. In such a gathering, one feels the power of the spoken word as though it came in a language from another continuum

  • Poetry Africa’s call for poets


    The Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal), with principal funding from the City of Durban and the Department of Arts and Culture, calls out to Durban’s creative and undiscovered poets to be included in the 'Prelude Poets' programme as part of the 18th POETRY AFRICA International Festival which is due to take place 13-18 October this year (2014)

  • Review Contemporary Dance Durban: JOMBA 2015


    It was 17 years ago that Jomba! first appeared on Durban’s annual calendar of essential creative events. In that time, some of the finest choreographers and dance companies and dancers from all over the globe have illuminated the stage of the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre and burnt deep impressions of what Lliane Loots referred to as her mother tongue: the language of the body. The combination of universality and uniqueness graces dance as one of our primal ways of communication

  • Review Musical Theatre: KickstArt’s Awesome 'Annie'

    Annie the musical KickstArt 

    KickstArt’s 'Annie' currently showing at the UKZN Sneddon Theatre in Durban is almost sold out. That’s what happens when you choose a popular musical with crème de la crème performers, a bunch of talented kids, a pooch with a waggy tail and the Durban public know that they can trust your standard of excellence! Yes indeedy! KickstArt has done it again and chalked up a memorable evening of high quality entertainment that runs as easily as a train on greased tracks

  • Sparkling choice of festive family theatrical treats in Durban 2016


    This festive season transport your family into magical worlds where straw can be spun into gold; the Princess Aurora must be prevented from spinning anything at all in a setting inspired by Disney Studio’s ‘Frozen’; also in a wintery setting, the seven children of the Von Trapp family must learn to work together to escape the clutches of the Nazi Army; and, a poor little elf is tired out from being dragged from one mall to another to sell Christmas Cheer by a nasty fairy and a greedy reindeer

  • Young Performers' Project: Footloose

    Young Performers' Project 2017: Footloose at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre

    For the first time Durban-based choreographer, director and performer - Daisy Spencer, has taken on the mantle of directing the annual Young Performers' Project (YPP) - a project which provides access to the workings of a theatrical performance for school-goers - both on the stage and behind the scenes. The 2017 production is the ever-popular 'Footloose'