• #Dance 2015: Showcasing South African Dance with Indian Flair


    With the aim of promoting cultural awareness and raising funds to educate disadvantaged children, Kumari Roanna Bala has devised an entertaining two-hour dance programme entitled ‘#Dance 2015’ which will feature Bharatanatyam, modern and contemporary dance forms, hip-hop, break and film dance. Venue: Thekweni College, 262 D’Aintree Avenue, Asherville Date: 25 April 2015(Pic: Kumari Roanna Bala founder of TruRo Productions)

  • Audition: Soldiers in the City – Young Performers Durban


    This year the PANSA Young Performers project funded by the KZN Dept of Arts & Culture and Rainbow is presenting a new homegrown work created by Themi Venturas and Iain “Ewok” Robinson which engages with the new urban culture’ that is emerging in South Africa’s towns and cities: a new youth culture that includes slam poetry, urban dance, music and public artworks like graffiti much like the STEP UP movies. Auditions: 18 April - Glenwood Boys High School from 9am – 5 pm (for Durban schools); 19 April - Hexagon Theatre from 9am – 5pm (for Pmb / Midlands schools)

  • Baroque 2000: Bach's Peasant Cantata


    Baroque 2000's 2015 season resumes with a concert on Sunday September 27 at the usual venue, the Church of the Monastery Mariannhill, Pinetown at 3pm.

  • Bart’s Bash and Opening Season for Point Yacht Club


    Clear blue skies greeted the opening of the Durban's Summer Sailing Season and Bart’s Bash ‘The Second Sail’, where over 50 boats gathered near the T-Jetty in the bay for the colourful formal procession hosted by Point Yacht Club.Pic by Sophie Thompson: The team on Bandit sail past the bridge boat with the backdrop of Durban during the Bart’s Bash race

  • Burn the Floor: Sizzling Stuff!


    The joy of watching serious professionals at play is in the level of expertise they bring to their genre. In ‘Burn the Floor’, 13 dancers, from a number of countries, including South Africa, take the thrill of ballroom dancing to a fever pitch of high energy and excitement. Dressed to kill, the accomplished dancers move through a series of crackling routines, given a theatrical context and sustained by simple, effective scenery, clever lighting and live singers. ‘Burn the Floor’ lives up to its phenomenal reputation!

  • Cook with South Africa’s Master Chefs at Suncoast Casino on 1 May

     SA Masterchef Benny

    Get ready to cook up a storm with SA Master Chefs Benny Masekwameng and Roxi Wardman at Durban's Suncoast Casino on Worker’s Day - Friday, 1 May from 10am at the ECR stage

  • Durban Theatre Review: The Art of Being Ugly


    If anyone knows about the douleurs of playing dames it’s Darren King and Anthony Stonier, Durban’s most devoted divas and most popular players of the genre. They combine good looks, song and dance-in-high-heels skills, dress-up flair and are both actors with serious credibility in terms of the work they do out of panto-drag. To see them squeezed into outrageously uncomfortable costumes, with acres of petticoats, nipped in waists, bolstered bosoms, mutton leg sleeves and six foot high head gear is to gasp in admiration. And,  when they show off those admirable legs and nicely toned arms, many a middle-aged lady in the audience feels a twinge of vengeful jealousy

  • Durban's Adult Panto With A Bite

    14 Nov - 30 Dec: Dracula is this year's ault festive treat at Club Altitude, Silver Avenue, Stamford Hill, Durban. Performances Tues to Sat 7:30pm

  • Dusty Rich's final Durban Performance

    Dusty Rich 

    It’s your last chance to see comedian Dusty Rich live in Durban! New York Comedy Club in Morningside tonight - Thursday (30 April 2015 )

  • Ewok flies Solo at Seabrooke’s Theatre

    Slam poet and grafitti artiste EWOK aka Iain Robinson


    SLAM SOLO, an evening with an Ewok, one night only...Thursday 25 September 7:30pm 

  • Festive Season Pantomime: KickstArt’s Puss in Boots at the Sneddon


    Oh what a rollicking fun-packed show this year’s pantomime is! The KickstArt team have been at it again, re-creating a classic panto story with magnificent sets, slick song-and dance routines, colourful costumes and loads of theatrical surprises. ‘Puss in Boots’ moves at a cracking good pace and the time just flies by as we are drawn into its fabulous fantasy world.    Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, UKZN Howard College Campus, Durban until 10 Jan 2016

  • GPSA Musical Review: Snoopy!!! - the Musical


    Somewhere under the rainbow a dog relaxes on top of his kennel dreaming of fame and fortune, bright lights and heroics. He is surrounded by a bunch of kids, their personalities as varied as the rainbow spectrum, their obsessions, complexes and joys innocent of censure. As the curtain rises on Snoopy!!!, the musical based on the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, there’s the thrill of knowing that a well-constructed script, rich with jazz-imbued songs and intelligent lyrics, is being handled by Durban’s award winning KickstArt team. What to do but sit back and enjoy?

  • Imbokodo Jazz Festival celebrates South African Women


    Young musicians at the Imbokodo Jazz Festival on 12 August at the Durban Port Authority's N-Shed, are set to ensure that there are items which will appeal to younger audience members, in addition to the award-winning line-up. Such is the selection of jazz talent that it will cater to both jazz purists and those who enjoy contemporary jazz. The event is being hosted by the iTheku Regional Jazz Association (iTReJA) which is an affiliate of the South African Jazz Appreciators Association (SAJAA) - the originator of the concept of a jazz festival dedicated to South African women

  • Laghu Hari Das’ bond with puppetry

    Laghu Hari Das is performing at the Catalina Theatre in Durban 9 and 11 Oct 2014


    Laghu Haris Das attended Art School in Bloemfontein and at that early stage he had already developed a passion for marionettes. As the school did not offer three dimensional work he studied sculpture at the then Technikon, developing a penchant for creating mobile art works from whatever materials he found. Laghu recently moved to Durban and teamed up with his close friend, ecologist Joe West; they have formed an association geared to delivering the important eco message to school learners through puppetry and storytelling

  • Musho! 2015: The Actress and the Girl


    Musho 2015 Poster

    Produced by Tristan Jacobs, created and performed by Maude Sandham and Rachael Neary and directed by Simona Mazza ‘Actress and Girl’ had a movie-like quality to it; in many ways I almost feel as though I watched a movie rather than saw a live performance. Surreal images, haunting exchanges and strange dynamics gave the play a sense of hanging in space, still unfinished. As though the players will rise again tomorrow and start all over again …… 

  • Musho! 2015: The Chameleon is powerful and innovative

     Musho 2015 Poster

    Written and directed by Wiseman Mncube and featuring the acting talents of Sipho Zakwe, ‘The Chameleon’ proved to be a sophisticated and complex play that made a huge impact on the audience. Well-written and superbly performed, ‘The Chameleon’ examines the options for a man with a multiple personality disorder in which the war between good and evil are fought on the battleground of his own mind.

  • Musho! 2015: Vincent


    Vincent Van Gogh. He of the suffering soul blinded by beauty and colour, torn apart by the reality of the material world and famously poverty stricken at the time of his tragic suicide. His story is archetypal, his mythology endorsed by the power of his paintings, the simple sadness of his letters, his lost ear and the bloodied bandage. Marc Kay has collated a story of his life as seen through his biographers and the letters he wrote to his adoring brother Theo. Peter Court directed Kay in the role.

  • Musho! 2016 Review: A Beautiful Wreckage

    A mini musical is a first for the Musho! stage but certainly not a first for one of the creators of the show, Grant Jacobs, who has enjoyed much success in the past on this platform. In this ambitious new multimedia piece, directed by Caitlin Kilburn, Grant is joined by Liam McDermott and together they unpack the personal experiences of young men caught in a society in trauma

  • Musho! 2016 Review: Leave it to me

    The 11th Musho! Festival opened at the Catalina Theatre on Wednesday (13 January 2016) with a play from Holland written and performed by Saskia Driessen, titled 'Leave it to Me'. This production is the creative vehicle for a poignant and powerful personal process; an opportunity to examine, analyze and understand the key events in her life. Saskia’s father is a solder, working in dangerous war-torn regions as a peace keeper, and the ongoing separation and anxiety have had a deep reaching effect on the emotional life of his daughter

  • Musho! 2016 Review: No Swearing

    Carvin H Goldstone’s stand up comedy show No Swearing marked a new event in the Musho! line up. While light and comic performances have always balanced out the programme, 2016 was the first time that a stand up comedian took to the stage. Carvin, who, since performing this show for the first time some years ago, has written many more and travelled internationally with his brand of humour, has established himself as the thinking man’s comedian